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Posted on July 23rd, 2013

ON THE SELF-SUFFICIENCY OF ARTISTIC EXPRESSION By Emily Amodeo   In December of 2010, when Saskia Hahn riffed onstage with electro-rapper Peaches at Art Basil in Miami during the Peaches Laser Show, the mise-en-scène recalled a wormhole, with aliens spilling out from some distant galaxy, Mongo perhaps—if the costumes were any indication. The antics of the fans suggested the humans found conquest an intensely pleasurable act. By that time, Hahn, musician, artist, and an autodidact with a fearsome and obsessive intelligence had already shown art in London and Berlin. Her inaugural New York exhibition, $ASKIA: ICONS!?, was to follow less than two years later. Hahn, a Berlin native, has toured with Peaches since they met on the Berlin music scene in 2008 and Dave Catching…


Posted on July 23rd, 2013

FROM WRITING AT THE NEW SCHOOL   By Roberto Montes   Hot Street is a literary journal started by New School alumni Emily Amodeo, Elisha Wagman, Sarah Smetana, and Ian Brown. Their first issue is now available to order online. I asked the Hot Street editorial team about their first issue, the unseen obstacles of publishing, and the community they hope to engender.   Roberto Montes: What separates Hot Street from other literary journals?   Emily Amodeo: In terms of looks and personality, literary magazines are as unique as individual people. If Hot Street were a person, it would always remember to take out the recycling and have a library even bigger than mine with rolling stepladders and table lamps with green shades. It would read on the train, at night in bed, and when it’s…


Posted on December 15th, 2012

ON BEAUTY, TRUTH, AND TAKING YOUR VITAMINS   David Lehman is the editor of The Oxford Book of American Poetry, the series editor of The Best American Poetry (which he established twenty-five years ago), and the author of such books as When a Woman Loves a Man and A Fine Romance: Jewish Songwriters, American Songs.   HS: How did the poem “Sixteen Tons” (1 HS) come about?   David: In Ithaca on a September afternoon I heard the Bernstein composition on my car radio, and later that day, faced with the whiteness of a blank computer screen, I started writing the poem. The song “Sixteen Tons,” which I remember hearing a lot on the radio when I was a boy, is in an altogether different…